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Victor Dotres

Exploring New Methods To help Fight Mosquitos

Mosquito Eating Fish

 The mosquito fish, gambusia, is the perfect tool to help fight one of Collier's peskiest residents. The fish are resilient and can tolerate poor water quality with a wide range of temperatures. 

Repelling Plants

 Most insect—repelling plants do so with their natural fragrances that come from the oils in the leaves and flowers. And some not only repel mosquitoes but emit wonderful scents throughout your garden and patio areas 

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Victor's Bio

Victor Dotres is a Collier County Public School teacher and has been with the district for 18 years, He began his teaching career at Village Oaks Elementary before transferring to Golden Gate High School, followed by Immokalee Middle School. He has held his current position as a technology teacher at Estates Elementary since 2011 and has coached the Corkscrew Middle School’s Girls soccer team for two years. Victor, 44, a Miami native, has lived in Southwest Florida since 2001. He is the son of Cuban immigrant parents and is the father of two children. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Art Education from the University of Florida. Victor speaks fluent Spanish and Creole.